Is Nevada Pacific Time?

Answer Nevada is in the Pacific Time zone in the United States. This time zone is also known as Pacific Standard Time and you calculate it by subtracting eight hours from the Coordinated Universal Time.Re... Read More »

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What time is it in Oklahoma if it is 10 a.m. Pacific Time?

Oklahoma is in the Central Time zone region, which is two hours ahead of those on Pacific Standard Time. That means if it is 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, it is 12 noon in Oklahoma.Source:Time and... Read More »

If it's 9 a.m. Pacific time, what time is it in florida?

Florida is in the Eastern time zone, which is three hours later than the Pacific time zone. If it is 9 a.m. Pacific time, it would be noon in Florida.References:World Time Zone

When is Central Time& Pacific Time?

Central Standard Time is six hours less than Universal Time (UT) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Pacific Standard Time is eight hours less that UT and GMT. This means that at noon UT and GMT it is 6... Read More »

Where is the pacific time zone?

The Pacific time zone covers all of Nevada, California and Washington, most of Oregon and part of Idaho. All of Oregon except Malheur County in the southeast corner of the state is in the Pacific t... Read More »