Is Netflix down for anybody or is it just me?

Answer It seems to work on gaming systems only if you happened to be logged in when it went down.Otherwise, it asks if you are a member, then stops responding.It has been down for quite a while now.

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My Netflix video is taking a long time to get to Netflix. What should I do?

Contact them and tell them about the problem. Likely they will send you your next video in your queue. They anticipate there will be problems like these and don't hold it against you if it isn't a ... Read More »

Is netflix down again?

How can I put netflix on the tv I still need to buy it but I want to know.?

plug your laptop into the TV. either VGA or HDMI to the matching plug on the back, side, top, or bottom of your TV. then an audio plug for the sound.

New to Netflix HELP 10 PTS?

You have no influence on this. Netflix pays hundreds of millions of dollars to studios for streaming rights. The studios hate Netflix. They see it as stealing their revenue - every time someone ... Read More »