Is Neon Illegal Under the Car?

Answer Ground effects, or underglow, are a car modification that adds neon or LED lighting to the undercarriage of a car, illuminating the ground beneath the vehicle. While adding to the overall visual ap... Read More »

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Where are under car neon lights illegal?

According to Find Law, this depends on your local traffic laws. However, most jurisdictions do not allow neon lights under a car, especially blue and red. If pulled over for this reason, some state... Read More »

Is it illegal to have neon on your car in Ohio?

If you mean under glow, yes it's pretty much illegal to drive anywhere with it turned on, however when you're not driving you can have it on.

Are neon lights illegal in the uk?

In the UK, neon lights under vehicles are legal as long as: only the glow shows and you are unable to see the neon tubes; the light must be steady, not blinking; any lights must show red at the rea... Read More »

Are Neon Lights Illegal in Ohio?

Signs that use neon lighting are not illegal in Ohio nor are neon lights used in the underbody of a car. There are some restrictions for using neon lights under a car for decoration: the lights mus... Read More »