Is Naruto's dad part of the Akatsuki?

Answer No, despite rumors and theories about Naruto's father still being alive and being an evil ruler of the Akatsuki, he actually is not and truly is dead. Chapter 367 of the Naruto manga confirmed that... Read More »

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Does anyone else in the akatsuki have siblings?

Besides Itachi having sasuke as a little brother there are no relatives shown in naruto to any other akatsuki mebers except for sasori they have his grandmother and his cousin(gaara IS sasoris cous... Read More »

How to Act Like an Akatsuki Member?

Akatsuki is an organization of S-class criminals in the anime and manga, Naruto. They're the main antagonists and have a massive cult following.

Where can you find a military part blade edge guard with an nsn part 2010-01-316-4468?

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Why doesn't it hurt when you touch the white part of your eye but as soon as you move to the coloured part..?

the white is just the encasement holding your eyeball, it's coloured white to reflect heat away from your eyes. when you touched the coloured eyeball, you touched the most sensitive part of your ey... Read More »