Silk nightgown/ nightshirts.. do like then better then cotton and why?

Answer Silk looks and feels very niceBut I don't wear either in bedIf I did I would choose cotton over silkCotton is a natural fibre and allows movementSilk is very shiny and slippery in bedPlus it does,n... Read More »

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Is it better to eat and then work out or workout then eat?

Actually both. A small carb filled meal 30-45 minutes before to help with energy levels then a protein filled meal 30-45 minutes after to help with repairing and building your muscles. Doing it thi... Read More »

What school is better San Jose State or San Francisco State?

Well, gee, if all you care about is partying how on earth did it come down to these two schools? If you want a hope in Hell of getting a job with a business major you'd better go to SF. SJ is so im... Read More »

Is the htc evo better then the htc hd2?

yes the HTC evo is better than the Htc hd2. the Evo has 8mp, two cameras front/back, a stand built in it, and it is with sprint so it is 4g and has 6pages. The Hd2 has 4mp and one camera just the b... Read More »

How is 3g better then 2g?

3g provides faster data transfer, which means u can surf the net faster. other advantage is that u can use video call only when u use 3g.