Is My ear piercing supposed to hurt this bad?

Answer If it's red or inflamed, it's probably infected. You need to get it clean and get something like Neosporin on it. Clean it with alcohol (do NOT mess with hydrogen peroxide); do not remove/insert ... Read More »

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Does scaffolding piercing hurt more than snug piercing?

A snug is nothing compared to an industrial, you'll be totally fine. Good luck!

How is a lip piercing supposed to heal?

Yup that is perfectly normal. To help it heal faster you can put antibiotic cream on the outside and you can also get sea salt (from the grocery store) mix it with warm water dip Qtips in the mixtu... Read More »

Does the tragus piercing hurt more then the vertical surface tragus piercing?

Probably varies from person to person but I can image the tragus would hurt worse since it's through cartilage and the surface one is just through skin. I've never really found surface piercings to... Read More »

Is invisalign supposed to hurt?

There can be pain or sensitivity at any time -- putting the tray in, while you are wearing it, taking it out, or while it is out. Your teeth are moving, and that causes sensitivity. It is especia... Read More »