Is My Little Sister on Her Period?

Answer It is possible for girls as young as 11 to start their periods, and no, there's absolutely nothing wrong with you just because you haven't started yours yet. :)Sometimes it comes earlier for some, ... Read More »

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My little sister is going through her period at 6 what do I do to help and she also says it's ichy in a good way?

i don't no wat u could do to help but i saw a documentry and the genral gist of it was what your sister is going through isn't normal and if i remember rightley was quite rare! if she tolddd you co... Read More »

Which pair of sibling relation is most complicated - 2 brothers or 2 sisters or older brother - little sister or little brother - older sister?

I come from a family of 13..... 7 girls 6 boys same two parents....... I sit at number ten grew up with my two sisters above me 9 and 8 and a set off twin boys 11 and 12 and the youngest lucky numb... Read More »

How are you supposed to be a good sister to a little sister that doesnt listen?

Your little sister listens more then you think she does so be careful what you say never putt people down. Do some thing nice each day for some one maybe your little sister or your mom or any one.... Read More »

What can you do if a step sister hates you and your little sister?

Your step sister may not hate you, but be jealous of you and your sister. Be sure that your parents treat her equally to you and your sister and you can do this by simply watching your parents acti... Read More »