Is My Engine Ruined Because of Sugar in the Gas?

Answer It's a commonly heard anecdote that an easy way to exact expensive vengeance on an enemy is to put sugar in the gas tank of his car. It's assumed the sugar will liquefy in the gasoline, turning it... Read More »

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How to protect my bike from getting ruined..because iam goin to abroad and will be coming to india after two y?

Mix the fuel with the proper amount of Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer. and run the engine for at least 10 minutes to completely distribute the fuel stabilizer through the system then top the tank off righ... Read More »

My dog just chewed the box to a rental DVD, its ruined, do i have to pay for it, even though it's not ruined?

Do diabetics have healthier teeth because they don't eat sugar?

Diabetics have higher risk factors for UNHEALTHY teeth.Any diabetic is going to have higher than normal Blood sugars circulating around those gums and teeth.Diabetics in general,tend to have less t... Read More »

I am a diabetic, what can I do to help control my blood sugar because I would like to get off medication.?

My advice to you would be to set a goal of reducing your blood sugar level (average) instead setting the goal of getting of medication. This will happen if you lower your levels. Keep doing what yo... Read More »