Is My Caloric Intake Unhealthy?

Answer The only way to really tell would be a check-up. Mal-nourishment would show up. You know I used to eat a lot and I thought living on 1200 to 1400 calories per day would be impossible but with diabe... Read More »

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How to Reduce an Overweight Child's Caloric Intake?

This is not your healthiest option.Do you want to keep your kids healthy? They can even stay happy, too, with these tips!!

What should your 9 year old daughter's daily caloric intake be if she is at risk for obesity according to the BMI calculator and her dr-she weighs 98.5 lbs and is 4'8 We are doing this as a family?

The calorie intake for a child should be approx 1500 cals per day. Remember excersie should be a part of any weight lose program.Do not pay to much attention to the BMI as it can be missleading. I ... Read More »

What are the 3 caloric nutrients?

What is my daily caloric requirement?

A person's daily caloric requirement is one of the most important dietary guidelines for someone who wants to maintain or loose weight. There are several factors that determine this feature and an ... Read More »