Is My Brake Squeal Normal?

Answer Squealing brakes on an automobile can be annoying, but the squeal can also be a sign of a problem. Car owners need to determine whether the squeal they are hearing is normal or is an indication of ... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of Brake Squeal?

It can be frightening when you press down on the brakes of your car and you hear a loud squeal. It makes you worry that your brakes are going to give out or that you're going to need to spend a lot... Read More »

How to Stop Brake Squeal?

Squealing brakes are embarrassing. There is little a driver hates more than those annoyed stares from everyone within earshot after stopping at an intersection. But more than that, brake squeal can... Read More »

How to Stop a Ceramic Brake Squeal?

The squealing of ceramic brakes is common among many vehicles. The reason ceramic brakes squeal is that the back of the brake pad vibrates against the caliper assembly. This vibration causes the sq... Read More »

Do ceramic brake pads squeal?

Ceramic brake pads generally do not squeal unless they are worn out and need to be replaced. According to AA1 Car, ceramic brake pads produce a sound, but the frequency is so high that it is out of... Read More »