Is My Body Alrite For a 14 Year Old (Excercising)?

Answer yes.

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Can I lose weight with a acolorie intake of 1,500 calories & excercising 1 hour & 30 mins for 5 days a week?

Yes of course if you take the exercise serious like, also if you stick to it,

Is it ok for a 16 year old male to see a 12 year old bestfriends male body naked Only swimming dares getting changed etc?

Well they are the same sex, male, so it would be okay for the 16 year old to see a 12 year old best friends body naked if it can't be advoided. If it was female to male then I would advise not to h... Read More »

I'm 16 year old body builder?

Depends on how often and hard you try it. Generally speaking, results can be shown after at least 1 month. Take you time. Good luck.

Normal body temperature for a 6 year old?

98.6 F. Some people can be a little warmer, as in 99, or a fraction cooler. Keep taking temp to find median.