Why is printer ink yellow, magenta and cyan, and not red green and yellow?

Answer If you're talking about finger paints, then the "primary colors" are red, yellow, and BLUE. You can make nearly any color with those, but there are some ranges which the RYB color model can't cover... Read More »

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Why does mellow yellow taste the same as mountain dew?

Mountain Dew is owned by Pepsi. Mello Yellow is Coca Cola's alternative to Mountain Dew. Kind of like how Pepsi made Sierra Mist to rival Sprite.Also, they don't taste exactly the same.

Who led the Green Mountain Boys against the British?

Ethan Allen led the Green Mountain Boys, a Vermont militia, when they captured Fort Ticonderoga from the British in 1775. They claimed victory over the British again in 1777 at the Battle of Bennin... Read More »

Does green mountain boxwood bloom?

The green mountain boxwood blooms in the spring. The blooms are yellow and tiny in size, and the leaves are bright green and small as well. Boxwood plants need to be watered frequently, especially ... Read More »

Green Mountain Cabins in Branson, Missouri?

Encounter native wildlife and rugged hiking trails on Green Mountain near Branson, Missouri. Float along the lake catching some rays or casting a line before easing into a soft bed at a guest cabin... Read More »