Is Mountain Dew good for you every now and then?

Answer No soda is good for you, but some can calm the nerves. Try switching to juice or kool aid.

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My monitor flickers then goes black for a few seconds every now and then, anyone know what the problem is?

Could be any one of a number of causes, none of them good. The likeliest candidates that can be easist resolved are: 1) Loose/faulty data cable between monitor and PC. If the data cable gets kinked... Read More »

Why do I get horny every now and then.....?

depends on your age, i asuming you a woman, but i cant tell for sure. men do it more than women because of the urge to carry on their genes. women do it less often because they are more busy trying... Read More »

My computer is restarting every now and then what is the resion"?

Why do mobile phones let off random signals every now and then?

It's just verifying that it is within range of a good network and available. Mobile networks are too busy to stay connected all the time so the phone checks in to assure it can still connect.