Is MiniDisc Mac compatible?

Answer Some MiniDisc players and recorders---such as the Sony MZ-RH1 MiniDisc Walkman---are completely compatible with Macs, though others require using your own recording software to import audio directl... Read More »

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Is the Sony minidisc Mac compatible?

Initially, the Sony MiniDisc worked only with PCs and did not feature compatibility with the Mac. This changed during the summer of 2006 when Sony started offering software to make their product co... Read More »

How do I copy a MiniDisc to a CD?

Audio Analog RecordingConnect your MiniDisc player to your computer through the computer's sound card using a stereo coaxial cable--the cable with the small, thin, rounded plug with two black bands... Read More »

Do they still make MiniDisc players?

Sony has been the only company still manufacturing MiniDisc players for several years. According to a May 2010 article on "Crunch Gear," the high-capacity MZ-RH1 is the only model Sony still makes.... Read More »

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