Who is the antagonist in the book"twilight"by stephenie meyer?

Answer James is the main antagonist in "Twilight," a book by Stephenie Meyer. He is the leader of a group of vampires--which includes Victoria and Laurent--who want to kill Bella Swan, the protagonist of ... Read More »

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Describe the characters in Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer?

The Characters in Eclipse are...Riley- Pale white skin, short blonde hair, like a lean muscular look and tall. He was about 17 when he was changed.Bree- Pale white skin, long brunette hair, thin, a... Read More »

When was"Still I Rise"by Maya Angelou published?

According to The Poetry Foundation, the poem "Still I Rise" was first published in 1978. It was included in Maya Angelou's book of poetry titled, "And Still I Rise." The poem has since been reprint... Read More »

I still breast feed my 36 month old son and my family is being really hard on me, because he still nurses 5?

Hi, I think you are a great mama. But first I must address an issue from another poster. Miranda you are an idiot. That is the very reason people find bfing objectionable because sick people lik... Read More »

About 24 years ago i bought some Me-Books A Sesame Street book published by ME-Booksdo they still make these and if so where can i find them?