Is Microwave Popcorn a good vegetable?

Answer Strewwth! What fancy horse's douvres you serve! When Aunty Beryl comes around, my Gracey makes little boys with tomato sauce. You know cocktail frankfurts! Aunty Gracey loves those lil boys dipped... Read More »

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Difference Between Air Popped Popcorn & Microwave Popcorn?

Popcorn is a snack widely eaten in movie theaters across America and enjoyed as a snack at home, during work and travel. Air-popped and microwave popcorn is often a staple with people who are dieti... Read More »

Can microwave popcorn go bad?

Microwave popcorn and popcorn kernels usually have an expiration date of two years and should be use by, or very shortly after, that date. It is most likely not the popcorn but the oil and additive... Read More »

Who invented microwave popcorn?

Percy Spencer invented microwave popcorn by accident in 1946. He stood by a magnetron, which is a tube that uses currents to create heat, and it melted chocolate in his pocket. So, he tried placing... Read More »

Can you pop frozen microwave popcorn?

Yes, you can pop frozen microwave popcorn. But, microwave popcorn stored in the freezer loses moisture that allows it to pop quickly, according to Drexel University. This loss of moisture means fro... Read More »