Is MicroLactin available in Canada?

Answer MicroLactin is a dietary supplement marketed as an aid for individuals with arthritis and other joint problems. MicroLactin can be purchased from health food stores in the U.S. and Canada. Canadian... Read More »

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Is Directv available in Canada?

Is Lybrel available in Canada?

Lybrel is an oral birth control contraceptive that is designed to be taken daily for complete ovulation suppression and improved control of premenstrual symptoms. Lybrel is available in Canada at p... Read More »

Is Rimonabant available in Canada?

According to Health Canada, Rimonabant may not be sold in Canada. It is a cannabinoid receptor blocker with a risk of central nervous system toxicity, and its long-term effects are unknown.Referenc... Read More »

Is dish network available in Canada?

I just wanted to clarify the previous answer. DISH Network is available in Canada but provided by Bell Canada. The programming packages are different from the packages in the United States. All equ... Read More »