Michael Jackson is ALIVE!?

Answer thats not even believeable, everyone knows Biggie only does the two-step

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Is Michael Jackson alive please read..?

Stage One.....Denial....If it helps you,he lives in you.

Where were all these Michael Jackson fans when he was alive?

This is probably the 100th question I've seen questioning our presence from before his death. His fans have always been by his side. Perhaps that explains the sold out dates? The criticism has alwa... Read More »

MJ Fans: If you found out that Michael Jackson is alive, what would you do?

Scream and shout in joy and start running up the walls. But i would be mad, that he betrayed us.

If Michael Jackson Was Alive And In My Room, I Would_________?

wow, am home alone now ya know.. =Ptruly sincerely if i eleborate the whole details my answer will get delete for adult am just gonna say, i'll start with giving him a hug of atleast 3... Read More »