How many people think Michael Jackson is a pedophile?

Answer Me+They are caring on for man who was creepy at best! I am sick to death hearing "what a fantastic guy he was". He was creepy to the core. Even his own children had miserable childhoods because of ... Read More »

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If you believe that Michael Jackson was a pedophile, do you have any compelling evidence to support your claim?

There's just so much more evidence that he did not molest any children.I mean, come on! If you were a good parent, would you stop the charges against a molestor just for some cash? You wouldn't rig... Read More »

Why is it ok to call Michael Jackson(proven innocent) a pedophile but not Elvis Presley?

im not trying to sound racist but i think it was because Elvis was whiteTHEY ALWAYS HATE ON MJ

Real Michael jackson fans!!! What Michael Jackson Video would you want to be the lead girl in and why?

in the closetthe way you make me feelremember the timeyou rock my worldyou are not aloneblood on the dance floor(:

Michael Jackson Fans: I have a serious question to ask about Michael Jackson...?

he's an accused child molester who nicknamed his son Blanket!!!do u not see something wrong there?