Is Michael Jackson White or Black ?

Answer He is black. If you knew him as a child in the Jackson 5 group he was definately black.

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Why is Michael Jackson white Like how did that happen?

Surgery did not turn him white. Surgery doesn't change the color of someone's skin. And he was not black one minute, and white the next minute. And he was always African American. He had vitiligo. ... Read More »

Why are Michael Jackson's children white?

They are not his biological children. That is why they are white. His youngest is adopted and the older two he purchased from his ex "wife," who says that she was artificially inseminated with a ... Read More »

Real Michael jackson fans!!! What Michael Jackson Video would you want to be the lead girl in and why?

in the closetthe way you make me feelremember the timeyou rock my worldyou are not aloneblood on the dance floor(:

How come black people can't be Michael Jackson fans?

a lot of black people married white girls, but when Michael does it it's "rejecting the black community." Bill O'Reilly is such a a**hole. he always talks about MJ in a bad way[HATER].They all need... Read More »