Where can I get a good Chocolate Croissant near Menlo Park, CA?

Answer Stanford Shopping Center off of El Camino Real has some excellent cafes and bakeries and specialty markets. Also, nearby, there is University Avenue where they have a stretch of specialty shops fo... Read More »

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How many years has thorpe park been open?

Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey, was opened 31-May-1979

How long will be the bastions park (giant chess park) in geneva will be open ?

Forever, as far as we know, they never intended to close it down. At night time however, it's a gay cruising area, you might want to miss out on that.

Is the mall at the Superdome open?

The New Orleans Centre Mall, formerly adjacent to the Superdome, met its end with Hurricane Katrina. As of November 2009, plans are underway to demolish the former shopping area and build a multi-u... Read More »

Is my mom being strict if she won't let me go the mall by my self I'm 16 years old I get strait A's in school I'm very responsible and I have a cell phone.?

No, she's not being strict. My mother is the exact same way. She's just being protective. Malls can be frightening and unsafe places. Don't get in fights with her, because that will just further pu... Read More »