Is sugar free cherry Kool-Aid still being made?

Answer i can't find itit seems they stopped making :(

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Peach or cherry?

It would be nice to find a cherry on a peach, but there are so few of them left.

Can a diabetic take water melon fruits in abundant quantities Doeswater melon juice increase sugar levels/?

No, not in large quantities, but just moderately. Large quantities would raise the blood sugar levels. The advantage of watermelon is that it does not contain as much sugar as, grapes for example a... Read More »

What is Cherry Coke made of?

Cherry Coke contains carbonated water, sugar, additives such as caramel coloring, phosphoric acid, artificial flavors and caffeine. A 150-ml serving of Cherry Coke contains 68 calories and 16.8 g o... Read More »

Whats goes with the color peach I have peach walls...Please help?

I have peach wall. From late fall to early spring I accessorize with the color burgundy-dk red. In the late spring and early fall I accessorize with light colors of light blue and light green.(she... Read More »