Is Melatonin ok to take for sleeping better?

Answer Melatonin is a very common sleeping aid.To sleep better just relax and switch off, if you can.If you are having trouble switching off at bedtime some light exercise (for example, push ups or sit up... Read More »

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How to Take Melatonin?

Melatonin is a natural hormone that controls your body's inner clock. It works by activating certain chemical receptors in the brain which encourage sleep. Thus, it can help people who have problem... Read More »

Is it safe to take Melatonin everynight?

Melatonin simply assists the natural melatonin our bodies normally havw. Melatonin is what helps us naturally retire at night-time. Ever wonder how our bodies just know it is time for sleep? We tak... Read More »

Can you take melatonin twice a night?

If your not sleeping on your own at night your body probably isn't making melatonin anyway. It is complicated but I will try to explain it to you as I have researched it and experimented with it. ... Read More »

How long does it take melatonin to work?

Melatonin is a supplement taken to help treat sleep disorders, including interruption of sleep cycles. The time it takes to work depends on the individual and specific sleep disorder, but it is rec... Read More »