Is Meditech available for Linux?

Answer Meditech is not available for Lixux. Meditech uses Windows 2000 to provide its own operating system, MAGIC, with necessary drivers; it has a similar interface with drop-down menus, desktop icons an... Read More »

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Is xilinx available for linux 7.2?

Xilinx is available for Linux version 7.2. Xilinx is one of the world's leading providers of programmable platforms. Xilinx manufactures programmable chips that are used by many computer makes. Xil... Read More »

How many anti-virus software packages are available for Linux?

There are at least ten different anti-virus programs that are compatible with Linux systems, according to the website for The Latest Tech News. Brands include McAfee, Symantec, Avira and F-Secure.R... Read More »

Ive read something about linux i could not understand it plz explain what is linux i never heard of it before ?

It is a computer operation systemLinux is one of the most prominent examples of free software and open source development; typically all the underlying source code can be freely modified, used, and... Read More »

Which is the best linux os Linux Mint or Ubuntu and Why ?

Ubuntu all the way, baby!Linux Mint is really just Ubuntu but with a different name and UI and has certain exclusive features that Ubuntu doesn't have. However, Ubuntu also has it's own sets of fea... Read More »