Is Marijuana an anti inflammatory?

Answer To a degree yes. Marijuana helps relax blood vessels which improves blood circulation, improved blood flow does all sorts of good stuff.

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Is EPA or DHA more anti-inflammatory?

While both of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are helpful anti-inflammatory substances, EPA has been shown to be more effective in reducing inflammation. EPA, unlike DHA, has been shown to prod... Read More »

Anti-Inflammatory Spices?

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Is salicylic acid anti-inflammatory?

Salicylic acid is an anti-inflammatory drug. Found in willow bark and other botanicals, it is often marketed as a "natural" pain reliever. Modern aspirin simply contains salicylic acid modified wit... Read More »

Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Acne?

Eighty-three% of teenagers worry about their complexions, according to a study sponsored by the American Medical Association. There's some controversy over whether changing your diet can improve ac... Read More »