Is Marijuana addictive?

Answer Getting involved with it because others are is no reason to begin smoking. I think it's best to wait until you're in your twenties or even older.It is abusable, like anything, and people do consum... Read More »

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YOUR OPINION: Is marijuana addictive?

I don't think marijuana is addictive. I think there are a lot of myths out there about it.I feel the main problem with marijuana is that most people are simply not satisfied with the level of the ... Read More »

Which are more addictive?

PRINGLES! Seriously I can't stop eating them after I've opened the lid lol

Addictive websites?

well...sites like myspace/ sites. (mega multi player online role playing games)1.www.runescape.com2.www.worldofwar... Read More »

Is Propecia addictive?

On One Hand: No Risk of AddictionAccording to the Mayo Clinic, addiction is not known to be a side effect of Propecia. As long as Propecia is used as directed, it has a few side effects with a low ... Read More »