Is Marijuana addicting and if so why?

Answer it's not PHYSICALLY addictive. you don't get withdrawals or seizers like you do with other drugs. marijuana is PSYCHOLOGICALLY addictive. people use it frequently or becoming seemingly addicted bec... Read More »

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Are tattoos addicting?

I personally don't think they are, I'm 17 I have one, and have no plans in the near future for another.

Why is CIGARETTES addicting?

People smoke because most people start when they are young and stupid and then become addicted to the nicotine and other chemicals in the cigarettes. And they make you feel awful, you cough and you... Read More »

Is caffeine addicting?

How to Get Away from Addicting Games?

Ever played a certain "Internet" game and five minutes later you can't seem to get away from it? With these steps, they'll solve your problem.