Is March too late to get the flu shot?

Answer On One Hand: Not Many Months Left in the Flu SeasonBy the time March rolls around, most of the flu season, which runs from November to April, has ended. In addition, the months with the most flu ac... Read More »

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Could you be pregnant if your last period was on March 22 to 25 and you had sex between March 30 to April 2 and now your periods are late and had used condoms all the time?

Answer it is very possible. you have to consider that condoms are not 100 percent and that they do break also everytime you engage in sexual intercourse you are taking a chance the condom slipped ... Read More »

You have been off your birth control pills for six months now and you have always been normal but now you 4 days late your cycle should have started march 23 and now its march 26?

Answer It's not unheard of for periods to arrive a few days later than normal or a few days earlier than normal. However perform a pregnancy test.

What is the name of the announcer who replaced Ed Hall on the Tonight Show with host Jay Leno in late March 2004?

How late can you get a flu shot this season?

Usually if you haven't had one by February in the Northern Hemisphere, there is no point, since the time it takes for the shot to work to protect you will likely take you beyond the most active par... Read More »