Is Manure Harmful to a Lawn?

Answer Manure is among the organic fertilizers frequently used in lawns. Contrary to common assumption, manure is not just animal waste products but also contains runoff, spilled feed and bedding used in ... Read More »

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Is it okay to put manure compost on a lawn?

Properly cured manure compost can be applied to a lawn, pasture or home garden. Sprinkle a thin layer across a lawn during the spring growing season and grass will gobble up the nutrients. For he... Read More »

Is lawn fertilizer harmful to dogs?

Lawn fertilizers are typically not dangerous, but there are some lawn fertilizers that are harmful and even deadly to dogs. Usually, there are flags and warnings put on the property to notify other... Read More »

Is Lawn Mower Oil Harmful to Dogs?

Lawn mower oil is essentially motor oil. Whether it is used or fresh, the oil is toxic to plants, humans and animals. In its unused form it is only mildly irritating, but used mower oil is toxic wa... Read More »

Are Lawn Treatment Chemicals Harmful to Dogs?

Chemicals are often applied to lawns to keep them healthy and looking beautiful. However, when deciding whether to apply chemicals, keep in mind that they can be health hazards for dogs. ... Read More »