Is Maker's Mark 46 a good whiskey for Shots?

Answer Couple tequila shot after that you won't give a **** what you drinking

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Good laptop makers?

hmm.. i like hp pavilion, DEFINATELY ALIENWARE but it all depends on personal preference and what you want your laptop to be able to do...good luck :)

Suggest some good K-cup coffee makers upto $100?

keurig is the most popular i believe and its only about 80 dollars at target - you should check online for prices though

Does the bose hi fi system sound as good as the makers say?

Bose is overpriced, mass-market junk. End of story.If you want REAL hi-fi equipment, go with brands like Marantz, B&W, Martin Logan, NAD, Monitor Audio, etc. NOT bose their paper drivers. Paper dri... Read More »

What is good to mix with crown royal whiskey?

A silver label rum, grenadine, Hawaiian fruit punch, and OJ just are excellent to mix with crown royal. Its makes a nice punch or cocktail.