Is MP3 Rocket legal?

Answer MP3 Rocket is software that helps you find music. At the present, it does seem to be operating legally. But downloading the music you can find with MP3 Rocket is illegal if you do not own the right... Read More »

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Are mini pocket rocket bikes street legal in North Carolina?

Mini pocket rocket bikes are currently illegal for street use in all states, including North Carolina. It is legal to purchase these bikes and legal to drive them in approved areas, such on a close... Read More »

How do you make a rocket like the one Top gear had on a bike in their video- Rocket-powered bicycle - Speed - BBC or what would you call one of these?

What does a nasa rocket and a whater rocket have that is the same?

They both have fuel. They both have to be stable. And they both have a nozzle.

Is the multistage rocket the same as a rocket?

a multistage rocket is a rocket. a rocket could be a multistage rocket. all multi-stage rockets are rockets, but not all rockets are multi-stage. For example the space misstions. They are all multi... Read More »