Is MD 20/20 really the nectar of the gods?

Answer it is if it causes you and 5 of your buddies who drink it all night and end up crawling through the grass like we were in world war 2 or something cause we just couldn't stand little own walk well ... Read More »

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For those who appreciate the gods of music...who are your gods of art?

Is there a way to make md 2020 drinkable?

MD20/20 offers a delicious flavor experience that does not need any additives.Drink it from a chalice and enjoy the sensational rollercoaster that awaits you.

Why is Nasa waiting until Trip to the moon in 2020?

Why is NASA waiting until 2020 to go back to the moon?

NASA doesn't have the technology to put a man on the moon any more. After Nixon gutted Apollo, all the people doing those sorts of things moved on. It seems that we will not be going to the Moon in... Read More »