Is MD 20/20 really the nectar of the gods?

Answer it is if it causes you and 5 of your buddies who drink it all night and end up crawling through the grass like we were in world war 2 or something cause we just couldn't stand little own walk well ... Read More »

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For those who appreciate the gods of music...who are your gods of art?

Is there a way to make md 2020 drinkable?

MD20/20 offers a delicious flavor experience that does not need any additives.Drink it from a chalice and enjoy the sensational rollercoaster that awaits you.

Best Stereo Amp with Q Acoustics 2010/2020?

A lot depends on the size of your room; how lively the room is how close you sit to the speakers what type of material you play etc....but both of those speakers are quite small and I don't think t... Read More »

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