Is wanting a deaf baby if you are a deaf couple ethical or unethical and for what reasons?

Answer Desire to Have a Deaf Baby CONSENSUS on this page seems to be: 1. Deaf parents wanting to adopt a deaf baby (one already born deaf) is ethical and probably advantageous, laudable. 2. Deaf parents... Read More »

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I plan to study in the usa university for my deaf educational needs. I am deaf malaysian?

I'm not sure exactly what your question is. I am also not certain how you would get financial support to study in the USA from another country, but maybe check Gallaudet University. It's a college ... Read More »

How to Read to the Deaf?

Reading to the deaf isn't hard. All you have to do is show interest, have a little knowledge of deafness, and be kind. Read on to learn how you can read to someone with hearing disabilities.

How to Train a Deaf Pet?

So, you just got a pet...a puppy, or maybe a dog that has been around the block a couple of times. However, there seems to be something odd about him. Why does he ignore you so thoroughly? Have you... Read More »

Am I going deaf in one ear?

Chances are its just sinus pressure. Can't do to much about it but I usually take some sinus relief pills, other then you just have to let it run its coarse.