Is Listerine really good for your teeth like they say it is?

Answer I believe so, my family uses it too.

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Usually we see Amercians with really good teeth, but do all Americans have nice teeth?

Not if they live in a trailer park and play a banjo, they don't!

Is there a good substitute for human teeth that can be used for a science project if the school doesn't allow the use of human or animal teeth?

you could get some type of bone or antlers and shave them to the shape you want.

Is Listerine bad for you?

It is over use that would be bad.Used correctly it does the job it is intended to do. It is best not to use it before going straight to bed as it can damage the teeth if left on overnight. You can ... Read More »

What exactly does Listerine do?

The active ingredients listed on Listerine bottles are menthol, thymol, methyl salicylate, and eucalyptol. Ethanol is present in concentrations of 21.6% in the flavored product and 26.9% in the ori... Read More »