Is Linux OS Free (For My Custom Build Desktop)?

Answer Yes - Linux is open source so there are hundreds of not thousands of distributions.So it is free. Companies that sell Linux like Suse or Red Hat are mainly selling customer support.Some I would rec... Read More »

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How to Build a Custom Live Linux CD?

Creating a custom Linux live boot disk is one method for installing Linux with a specific configuration on multiple computers or for creating a customized backup of your system. The process for cre... Read More »

Rate My Custom Desktop Build?

It's not going to rip through data of AAA games on high settings (should handle medium).But on the other hand looks good value on the cheap. Also some upgrade path with a potential for crossfire gr... Read More »

How much is this custom desktop worth?

Parts alone will run around $800 with a 64bit OS.So, anything under $1,000 built would be a steal.

What are the basic applications needed in developing a custom linux system?

THis site will teach you how to put together a linux system. Beware it is not easy and requires a good bit of knowledge of linux and the ability to follow directions exactly.Good luck