Is Limewire software safe to use or is it asking for trouble with spyware/viruses etc?

Answer LIMEWIRE is extremely unsafe to use! There are literally thousands of virus infected files on there, purporting to be downloadable files, but have hidden scripts in them - simple through to malicio... Read More »

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Limewire, if I get rid of it can I still get in trouble?

limewire is not illegal , the way you might use it can be

Can I get in trouble for using LimeWire?

On One Hand: The Program Is LegalLimeWire is legal if it is not used illegally. Peer-to-peer programs were originally intended as a way for independent artists to distribute their works quickly to ... Read More »

Limewire trouble!!!?

Solution Third-Party Security Programs Many third-party security programs block LimeWire from connecting either by restricting access to the port that LimeWire uses to connect to the Gnutella netwo... Read More »

Why Does LimeWire Have Trouble Connecting?

LimeWire is a popular file-sharing program that lets you connect to the Internet and download files from other people around the world. There are many different factors that can influence your Lime... Read More »