Is Limewire software legal?

Answer Limewire is a legal software program, but using it to download copyrighted data that is not rights-cleared by the copyright holders is illegal.Source:Info on Limewire legality

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What is LimeWire software?

Limewire is a peer-to-peer file-sharing system. Over 70 million people use the software to search for and transfer or share files with other users. They offer expedited download services and compre... Read More »

Limewire pro, is it legal?

Limewire itself is NOT ILLEGAL (therefore neither is Limewire Pro). However, just because you are paying for a licence for the software, DOES NOT make it legal for you to use it to download commerc... Read More »

Is Limewire legal or not?

Limewire is perfectly legal but the materials being shared are not.Music, movies, software are illegal to share given that the makers don't get a single cent from shared items. The movie and music ... Read More »

Is Limewire a file sharing software?

According to Limewire's official website, the software's developers created Limewire as a "peer-to-peer file-sharing program." Individuals provide access to personal music, image, video and softwar... Read More »