Is Limewire legal in canada?

Answer Downloading files from Limewire is legal in Canada as long as you are not breaking any copyright laws. Files can be shared and used between users, but cannot be reproduced for sale by another perso... Read More »

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Limewire pro, is it legal?

Limewire itself is NOT ILLEGAL (therefore neither is Limewire Pro). However, just because you are paying for a licence for the software, DOES NOT make it legal for you to use it to download commerc... Read More »

Is Limewire legal or not?

Limewire is perfectly legal but the materials being shared are not.Music, movies, software are illegal to share given that the makers don't get a single cent from shared items. The movie and music ... Read More »

Limewire Legal Notice?

"Popular online file-sharing service LimeWire was shut down by a US federal court today following a lawsuit filed by the music industry.The move came a little more than five months after a US judge... Read More »

Is LimeWire Pro legal or illegal?

According to LimeWire's official copyright information, LimeWire Pro and its free counterpart LimeWire Basic are both legal software. However, it is illegal to use these software programs to share ... Read More »