Is Limewire good and is there anything I should be wise of?

Answer Yes, it is good. I use it a lot. Just don't download executable files and always scan everything for virii. Don't download anything that you shouldn't. I actually bought the pro version. (pro ... Read More »

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What happens insurance wise and point wise in Florida if you get two tickets in less than a year but the second ticket is for under 10 miles over the limit?

==Answer==Moving violations probably are equal as far as earning points. Your insurance will go up as the insurance company reviews your policy...often that is at renewal, or can be at random times... Read More »

What is a good camera audio wise?

A camcorder would solve all these problems. It is called the right tool to do the job.

In what ways is it Good to Listen to your Body Health-wise?

I've altered my diet for health reasons too. Usually these alterations last for about a week or so, but now I am going on two week and am still stronly motivated. My body does not always tell me wh... Read More »

What is a good rule, percentage wise, for saving money?

10% of income should be saved. should have cash emergency fund of 6 months living expenses.should be paying into 401k, reducing your taxable income now, saving for retirement and getting matching ... Read More »