Is Limewire an illegal program?

Answer Limewire itself is not illegal. Downloading copyrighted media using it is.

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Is it really illegal to use limewire now?

LimeWire itself isn't illegal, but if you use it to download copyrighted files for free (this includes music, pictures, videos and even documents) that you are effectively stealing from the owners ... Read More »

Is Limewire Pro illegal?

According to, their paid peer-to-peer product Limewire Pro is not illegal. However, it is illegal to use Limewire Pro to share unlawful pornographic material. It is also illegal to use... Read More »

How is Limewire illegal?

Who said limewire was illegal? If it was illegal, they would have been removed, fined, or even jailed long ago. What can be said about limewire is that you have to be careful and insist on checki... Read More »

Is limewire illegal i want to know?

Limewire itself isn't illegal (it's just file sharing). But downloading songs/movies from it is.