Is LimeWire illegal in California?

Answer LimeWire is a peer-to-peer file-sharing client that is legal in the entire United States. LimeWire remains legal as long as you share and distribute files that are not under copyright.References:Li... Read More »

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Limewire Illegal!?

Yes, using anything to download music without paying for it is illegal. Really, how can you possibly not know that? If you have to pay for it in a store or via iTunes, but can get it for free via... Read More »

Limewire...Is it illegal?

Limewire itself is probably not illegal. It's how people use it that is. If you are downloading songs or other files that you should be buying (in other words, you are using Limewire to avoid havin... Read More »

Is LimeWire Illegal ?

No, Limewire is NOT illegal. It is perfectly legal.It is, however, a hotbed of spyware, virus promulgation, key-logging and phishing. I would stay so far away from that ...

Can any one help me ... Is limewire illegal ?

Downloading songs using limewire is illegal, but loads of people do it.limewire's probably the biggest cause of computer virus's. As you cannot really tell where the files are coming from, and many... Read More »