Okay I have a hole in my blow up mattress with a lot of company coming soon.?

Answer Duct tape will work for a quick fix but it will just slow down the air leak; liquid patch is the best. It goes on like a gel and it dries but you need to give it time to dry completely or it won't... Read More »

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Wayne Rooney is coming over for dinner, what do you prepare?

The end of the world is coming soon?

Wow, I HOPE NOT!!I would be only 18 :( !!

New PC processors coming out soon?

The Nehalem i7 is the new King of the Hill, but the high end Q9XXX chips still hold their own...and they don't need DDR3 RAM. I have a Q9450 and a Q9650...they both work well, but need good afterma... Read More »

When is Lana Del Rey's next album coming out in the UK?

Not sure but she is doing music for the new movie coming out called The Great Gatsby, so should be able to get a at least a few from the soundtrack.