How to Change a 2000 Toyota Lexus Parking Light?

Answer Parking lights, also sometimes referred to as "city lights," help to illuminate the front of the vehicle, making it easier to see in dimly lit situations such as just before sunrise or sunset. The... Read More »

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Directions for How to Change a Headlight in a 2000 Toyota Lexus LS 400?

Changing the headlight on a 2000 Lexus LS400 is simply a matter of pulling the old bulb out of the assembly and installing the new bulb. The LS400 uses H7 bulbs for its headlights. In order to inst... Read More »

What was the first car you owned.?

In 1964 I worked at a drug store behind the counter and making home deliveries. The car I drove for those deliveries was a 1950 Buick. To save $ the owner bought a new V.W. and he gave me the Buick... Read More »

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The British License Fee payer and the British Government. Although it is state owned however, the BBC Trust run it on their behalf to guarantee its impartiality.

How to Compare Toyota Camry Hybrids to Toyota Camrys?

The Toyota Camry and its hybrid counterpart have a lot in common. The 2011 models have similar body styles and the same warranties, brake systems, suspensions, tires and turning radius. But there a... Read More »