Is Lexan bulletproof?

Answer Lexan is bulletproof and is used in making bulletproof windows for vehicles and buildings where safety is a prime concern. It is 250 times more durable than glass and more than 30 times stronger th... Read More »

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What is lexan?

Lexan is the trademark that Saudi Arabian manufacturing company SABIC Innovative Plastics uses for its brand of polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. It is also a brand name used for polycarbonate she... Read More »

What's Lexan?

Lexan is a resin, an engineered thermoplastic first developed by GE Plastics. Lexan is used in a wide variety of applications including the yo-yo, eye wear products, and as a replacement for glass ... Read More »

Is Lexan microwavable?

Yes. Lexan containers are microwavable. When they begin to show signs of cracking, chipping or cloudiness, it is time to recycle and replace them. Research is still being conducted to determine the... Read More »

Is Lexan polycarbonate?

Lexan is a trade name for polycarbonate resin plastic. Lexan was invented in 1953 by SABIC Innovative Plastics and is used for innumerable applications where strength and transparency are desired. ... Read More »