Why did that guy slap Leona Lewis?

Answer Leona Lewis had a book signing in London in year of 2009 and was reportedly hit by a 29 year old man named Peter Kopwalczyk who was arrested in Waterstone's book store in central London. The man wh... Read More »

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Leona Lewis or Miley Cyrus?

How to Get Dark Eyelids Inspired By Leona Lewis?

Singer Leona Lewis, like many female celebrities, favors dark and sexy eyelids in her music videos. To get the sultry look in real life, you only need a steady hand, a few tools, and some very dark... Read More »

Is a mixed baby black or white?

think about it if itz a MIXED baby its both black and white!!!!i should know i got 4 of themIf it grows up to be a president...

Can a white mother and mixed father have a white and blond baby?

Yes, they can have a baby with blond hair if the mother has the gene that produces blonde hair (recessive) and also if the father has the same gene. It would be best if they both had blonde hair, b... Read More »