Is Legend of the Seeker as bad as the reviews suggest?

Answer No it's a very good series. The critics just don't like anything creative, and maybe the plot is a little too complicated for their tiny brains to comprehend.

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What is legend of the seeker based on?

it was based on a series of novelds by terry goodkind, the series was called the "sword of truth" and was awesome. spans about 11 books with a prequel book called debt of bones. the first book in t... Read More »

What is the legend of the seeker theme song?

It doesn't really have a theme song, just a bit of music for the title. Edit: There is a theme song but I can't find it so I can download it.... You can buy it from here...

When will the legend of the seeker season 2 be on tv in the UK?

What year is Legend of the Seeker - Season 3 coming out?

im pretty sure that seson 3 is never coming out :( sorry i think it as cancelled so there is no more aufully aymayzing shows