Is Lap-Band surgery covered by insurance?

Answer Lap-Band surgery and other weight loss surgeries are covered by some insurance companies and plans. The best way to find out is to look at your policy agreement. Check over the "covered" and "not c... Read More »

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If you get hurt without insurance and need surgery, can you get insurance and be covered for the surgery?

No, but you might be able to find a county hospital where they will do it for free (like County-USC in LA, etc)

How much is covered by your masshealth insurance for the bariatric surgery?

You need to see a lawyer about this. Don't just take the advice from some random person over the computer.

What insurance covers lap band surgery?

In Australia, if you need it for health reasons, like your very obese then its done for free if you are under a certain income, its covered by medicare, which is our healthcare institution.But if y... Read More »

If you get pregnant and are covered by your spouse's work insurance would you be covered on the new employer's group insurance if he switched jobs?

Answer Yes, you should be since you were already covered prior to this. Although each state varies with this type of coverage. Even if he has a waiting period before he can enroll, he should get a... Read More »