Is Lake Titicaca salt or fresh water?

Answer Lake Titicaca is located in Bolivia and Peru and is the largest freshwater lake in South America. The lake covers over 8,000 square kilometers. The elevation of Lake Titicaca is 12,500 feet, or 3,8... Read More »

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Why is Lake Titicaca called Lake Titicaca?

South America's Lake Titicaca is the world's highest lake navigable by commercial ships. The area around Lake Titicaca has been inhabited for thousands of years and was the home of one of the great... Read More »

What happens when you mix food coloring in fresh water and salt water and mix them together?

What causes salt water and fresh water to mix in the ocean?

Diffusion causes the two to mix to achieve equilibrium of salt concentration.

What happens when fresh water and salt water mix?

Salt-water and fresh-water are not different immiscible substances. Salt water is simply water with dissolved ions in it, which, when compared relatively to a body of fresh water, is denser. Howeve... Read More »