Is Lactogen baby product is safe for three months baby?

Answer we don't understand

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I aborted my baby of 9 months and a week three days ago...?

Oh no sugar, I aborted mine at 9 months and 2 weeks and I still get plenty of sleep at night. Not murder, we'll say...involuntary manslaughter...err....babyslaughter.

What is the estimated IQ of a baby who spoke at the age of three months?

AnswerIQs are measured later in life. Your baby is very gifted verbally. In my experience, children work on one thing at a time, so you should be sure that the child also physically up to date per ... Read More »

You had sex and you are three months pregnant but you don't want a baby what should you do?

Answer Everyone makes mistakes and yours was definitely a big one..I am highly against abortion!!!You and me, we are all alive because our moms' made the decision of keeping us..If you are thinkin... Read More »

Your baby is three months old taking nan experincing a lot of stomach upsets why and what can you do?

16 i think i'm not sure maybe you should go ask a police station