Is LG a good quality brand TV?

Answer On One Hand: Very High DemandLG televisions are considered a quality brand. In early 2010, "The New York Times" reported that LG was the second-best selling television brand in the world, trailing ... Read More »

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What psu brand posses good quality?

As long as you don't have an aftermarket video card you forgot to post then this is usually what I stick with for machines that have video cards using a 6-pin power connector or less.PSU: http://ww... Read More »

What is the best brand of camera that takes good quality pictures at night?

In low-light, non-flash photography you need a fast lens for indoors and a tripod for outdoors. A large sensor also helps since it performs better at higher ISO settings. The lens and large sensor ... Read More »

I am planning to buy a printer for my ho9me use to print photos Which brand has good quality photo printers.?

i have a canon pixma, its best photo printer

My wife insists off-brand ink cartridges can harm the printer. Is the ink quality the same as the brand inks?

Your wife's right. And not right too. ==========backgournd Inkjets work by squirting ink through very very small holes in a print head. Canon and HP and several others do that by heating the ink in... Read More »